1 Product, 2 Solutions – A New Perspective

The patient is a 40 year old, non-smoking female. She wanted a fast and aesthetic solution for tooth #14 (5). The treatment plan is a single surgery with an immediate implant and closed sinus life to replace teeth #14 (5) and #16 (3).  

The patient is deeply concerned by the aesthetic problem on tooth #14 (5). She is asking for an efficient, provisory solution. Nevertheless, if the loss of tooth #16 (3) is not promptly solved, it may cause the loss of tooth #15 (4). The proposal is to replace both the premolar and molar in one, single surgery.

The treatment is to extract tooth #14 (5) with immediate implant placement, grafting and immediate loading. For tooth #16 (3) – implant placement with a closed sinus lift (Summers technique) with grafting. It is decided to use Augma Bond Apatite® with 2 different protocols.

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